Outdoor Marijuana Growing

Forget What You Think You Know About Marijuana Growing

The very first and most damning mistake a novice cannabis grower canmake is stubbornly sticking to anything that they think that theyalready presume to know about growing marijuana. Instead forgeteverything you think you know about growing great marijuana. Get abook or two about growing marijuana seeds and begin to do some seriouslearning.

This is because many potheads spend a great deal of their weed highdiscussing marijuana growing. Idle sweet cannabis chatter. Picking outmarijuana seeds they would grow. Deciding on their best marijuana growsetup. Making a laundry list of marijuana seeds, marijuanafertilizers, everything they would use in their grow.

But talk is cheap.

I implore you to forget everything that you have ever heard aboutgrowing marijuana seeds. Because 99.9% of all stories circulating arecompletely false. The reason for this is simple: successful marijuanagrowers don't talk about their grow operations.

There are a number of ridiculous stories concerning this mysteriousgrower-friend and their even more mysterious methods.

Common tall tales include the guy that has 500 (or more!) 8 foot tallChristmas trees in his basement (hopefully nobody with 500 plantswould tell this blabbermouth, and by my calculations, this basementwould have to be about 50 x 100 feet). Or the guy who hung hismarijuana plants upside down so that "the resins would 'drain' intothe buds." Or their friend who sprayed the buds with (pick one) water,fruit juice of any kind, sugar water, or anything else to give themcrystals or make them look, taste or smell better.

These kinds of stories represent total ignorance.

As far as the person who got busted when the power company or thepolice helicopter "detected" their grow lights, most of these talesare ones that the kind narcs would be happy to have you believe. Asfor power consumption, many residences use lots of electricity formany different reasons including cannabis growing.

Before seriously undertaking growing marijuana seeds purchase a book.There are numerous good marijuana grow guides readily available onAmazon. These books will come in useful should you ever turn yourcheap talk into purchasing cheap marijuana seeds and planting them.

If everyone who talked about growing marijuana seeds actually plantedeven just a few, the police would be successfully overgrown. Take ahard look at the number of hours you've spent talking about growingmarijuana and think about how the time talking could actually be spentgrowing cannabis seeds.

Less talk about growing pot and more action by the way of plantingmarijuana seeds.