Outdoor Marijuana Seeds

Why grow outdoors?

We all know the difference between artificial and natural ... it's the same with marijuana. You could provide all the things the plant needs in the closet and achieve highest potency, but the smoke and sensations still wouldn't be as good as naturally grown plant. It's all about growing in real soil, under the real sun getting the real rain water and wind. And it all comes out in smoke. And high. Try it and You will always grow outdoors :-)

We have prepared a quality collection of marijuana seeds for outdoor growing as well as 2 outdoor growing guides covering main details you need to know. I.e. choosing the place, protecting your plants from wild animals, safety of the outdoor grower and so on.

Seeds in packs of 10 seeds per pack available for online orders. All orders include additional 20 free marijuana seeds. Payment options include variety of Credit Cards, money order, bank transfer, cheque and cash.

We breed our outdoor strain collection at our farm in Amsterdam, pack stealthily and sendout to our customers worldwide. Clean seed strain genetics thus quality, low costs so our low Dutch farm prices. We guarantee a 89% germination if you follow our online outdoor growing guide based on our experience and experiences and comments from our growers around the world.

What is the best strain to start with in the early spring outdoor growing?

Everyone who wants to start early in the spring buys Big Bud or First Girl. Both of them are Sativa/Indica mix type but First Girl is a lot more indica. I recommend Big Bud because it has higher THC levels and is cold resistant and gives more energetic high.

Anyway You have to germinate it indoors in warm place than keep her in a place with temperature close to outdoors for 3 days and put/plant it outdoors when she has 4 leaves.
Don't give her a move_out temperature shock.

Move her out when indoors/outdoors temperatures are similar (i.e. sunny day in the noon) And make sure that temperatures in the night do not get lower thanabout 60F degrees in the night for moving outdoors, because the plant will not grow. Mid 50s(F) will cause mild shock and 40s will kill your plants with repeated exposure. But don't worry, use a thermometer and You'll know everything.


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